1.  Always Inspected Beef
  2.  Always 10% Giving Back
  3.  Always Compassion over Profits
  4. Always Accessible
  5. Always Guaranteed

This is how we do it, with no exceptions:  we only sell USDA inspected beef, and we give back 10% of all profits to youth agricultural organizations and events, or local charities.  Providing compassion to the cattle that provide Cut Beef, as well as our customers who consume it, is more important to us than the “almighty dollar.”  We aim to be accessible to our customers, plus have product accessible without compromising the guarantee of providing the best beef on the market.  That’s how it’s done ’round here!


We Harvest for You! And you…. And you….

Some may call us “control freaks”…. but we don’t mind! Trust takes a long time to gain, and only a short time to lose! We want you to know the beef you eat is BEEF: NOT hormones, antibiotics, and/or fillers. With so much hustle and bustle, it’s hard to ensure you have naturally raised delicious beef ready when you want it.

Good news; worry no more! Scott & Jeff have worried enough about it for everyone and have figured it out!

From Our Ranch to Your Plate!

Can you tell we think it is important to know what you’re eating? For years, Scott & Jeff have heard people discuss changing their diets, removing this or that. Often the specific item being blamed is not the real culprit….it is something being added to it! We want you to know that Cut Beef is NATURAL.  Hard to argue natural is bad for you, although someone out there will. We learned early “can’t make everyone happy”…however, we strive to make not only the best tasting beef, but also the most natural beef, on the planet!

Cut Beef believes in treating all their cattle with great care and compassion.
We believe in natural; that means lush grass, ample fresh water, shade trees and sheds, and equally important, companionship!