WE HARVEST FOR YOU From Our Ranch to Your Plate!


Cut Beef cattle are raised on two neighboring ranches in Tyler, Texas. The owners of Cut Beef, Scott & Jeff, have been friends “forever” and have an insatiable appetite for beef!  Our team is constantly striving to perfect our products, hand-picking the best for Cut Beef!


Scott & Jeff take pride in how beef for their customers is raised. Equally important is how the cows are finished out for great beef.  At Cut Beef, we graze our pastures, feed our hay, and finish our cattle on our Proprietary Gourmet Grain.  The difference is in the details!


Cut Beef is USDA inspected and vacuum sealed for flavor and freshness. The Cut Beef team will not compromise on packaging because the day you eat it, is the day you judge it. We want it to be as delicious on day 365 as it is on day one!


Scott Herod & Jeff Munn

Scott & Jeff believe in treating all their cattle with great care and compassion.
The team believes in natural.  That means lush grass, ample fresh water, shade trees and sheds….and equally important,  companionship!